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Image by Shannon Martin


Project Planning and Creative Development for Banff & Lake Louise Tourism

Co-founder Alexander Butt was the Events Manager for Banff & Lake Louise Tourism and tasked with planning Christmas activations in Banff pre-Covid 19, what followed was the planning and creative development of a Christmas trail in Banff National Park that could be delivered with changeable social distancing circumstances. 

In this year of uncertainty, we’re all seeking that sparkling sensation of Christmas spirit. Banff & Lake Louise Tourism is proud to present: In Search of Christmas Spirit – a live Christmas story told by the wildlife of Banff National Park and delivered by a sensory extravaganza of light, sound and social distancing.

Starting from Banff Avenue Square, In Search of Christmas Spirit was a free outdoor lighting experience available on select nights of the holiday season. The experience was ticketed to ensure social distancing and for the visitor’s comfort and enjoyment.

In Search of Christmas opened and created a heartwarming and inspiring experience for Bow Valley locals only. The story was told by the wildlife of Banff National Park and featured a sensory extravaganza of light, sound and social distancing. The learnings we garnered from this year will inform how we enhance this experience to build demand and attract visitation in the Christmas season.





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